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Virtual Cartoons

1. A donkey with heads at each end. One head eating, the other turns toward it: "Don't worry. We'll deal with that later".

2. Murder scene. Corpse lying on floor, perpetrator standing over him with smoking gun. Surrounded by police. Perp(with big smile) : "Well, yes, but don't yu think we should be looking forward and not backward?"

3. Group of scientists at blackboard covered with mathematical symbols, equations. Last formula =7.+4=9. "See, it's less than 10 so it's safe to ahead."

4. Doctor's office. Patient in cowboy dress sitting on examining table with arrows sticking out of his body all over. Doctor with clip board taking history: "And has anyone else in your  family had trouble with arrows?"

5. Highway approaching Asian city. Roadside signs: Lions Club Holiay Inn Tuesdays.12:30 PM.

Diners Club Best Western Thursday 12:30 PM.

Communist Party Beijing Hilton Friday 12:30 PM