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The Pragmatic Solution



                   Of course we are all against war. But let's be practical. There is no way that the Pentagon and its congressional allies will accept peace nor could we get the 60 votes in the Senate against the war budget. But the Spirit of Democracy is Compromise. A bipartisan proposal that might work is to switch the war to a smaller country, and one with fewer, lower mountains. I prefer Luxembourg, but am open to other suggestions if we can find a place also with oil.

                          Such a change ( no, CHANGE! or  Transition to Democracy) will save money that could be donated to the health insurance companies, will not create new terrorists, could not be perceived as a war against Islam, we already have CIA officers who are fluent in Luxembourgish, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is clearly not a democracy but is a feudal Grand Duchy under a feudal Grand Duke who suffers from no term limitations. And we have no evidence that they have no nuclear program. Therefore regime change is required. The peace movement will be paralyzed by internal disputes over whether the Grand Duchy is undemocratic enough to require the introduction of Democracy, and whether oppositioin to a new war would have undesirable consequences for Democrats in the next elections.

                         A smaller war will show a gradualist trend, step by step to smaller and smaller wars with peace as the end point and would be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. NPR will maintain its patriotic objectivity. There may be some problems with NATO, but Luxembourg is clearly a Failed State (or will be within a week or two), there is no Luxemburg Lobby,  LuxBank will be given enough tie to transfer its assets to Goldman Sachs, and if some Predator missiles go astray they will only hit Germany, where they will be plausibly denied. In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.,

                             Isador Nabi, for THE COMMITTEE FOR A REALISTIC FOREIGN POLICY